Team members

Miroslav Vozňák

Head of Department Professor
My research interests generally focus on information and communication technologies, especially on the quality of service and experience, network security, wireless networks, and big data analytics. According to Stanford University, I am one of the World’s Top 2% of scientists in Networking & Telecommunications.

Filip Řezáč

Assistant professor
I work as an Assistant Professor with the Department of Telecommunications. My research interests include VoIP technology implementations, network modeling, disaster-resilient network systems, next generation networks, and network security.

Jan Rozhon

Assistant professor
Open-Source VoIP specialist (Asterisk PBX, Kamailio, Homer) and enthusiast with the focus on telecomunications, related protocols, security considerations and the underlying GNU/Linux-based server infrastructure, decent Pythonista experienced with Django, Django REST Framework, Web2py, Jupyter and KERAS/Tensorflow.

Pavol Partila

Assistant professor
I'm a researcher in the field of speech processing for telecommunications. My work involves developing algorithms and techniques for improving the quality of audio and video transmission over networks. I'm particularly interested in studying how machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used to optimize signal processing in telecommunications systems.

Jakub Šafařík

Assistant professor
Experienced Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Network Administration, JavaServer Pages (JSP), Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP), SQL, and Voice over IP (VoIP).

Jaromír Továrek

Assistant professor
I work as an Assistant Professor with Department of Telecommunications. My research is focused on signal processing, especially speech processing, and image processing. I am also skilled in Python and Matlab programming.

Jakub Jalowiczor

Assistant professor
I am a postdoctoral researcher focusing primarily on the Internet of Things, fog/edge computing, and LPWA networks. I am interested in everything related to modern technologies. My tech skills include Angular, React, Typescript, Node.js, GraphQL, and Python.

Martina Slívová

Doctoral student
My field of interest includes speech processing and machine learning, Specifically detection of voice pathology. I have some experience with programming in Python.

Ladislav Beháň

Doctoral student
My skills include web app development – Angular Framework, Backend cloud services – Amazon Web Services (Lambda, AppSync, DynamoDB, Cognito, IAM, Amplify, S3, ECS, API Gateway), Data processing – Python, Docker.

Dalibor Zeman

Doctoral student
Most of my research interests revolve around SDN and other next-generation networking technologies such as P4 or 5G. I am also skilled in VoIP-related protocols and server configurations, and Cisco networks.

Filip Lauterbach

Doctoral student
My research focuses on Cybersecurity, especially Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC), and networking. I have partial experience with network administration, C#, C++, and Python programming.

Patrik Burdiak

Doctoral student
My research is focused on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) and security of networks with experience of C++ development, Python programming, network administration and GNU/Linux-based server infrastructures.

Michal Vaněk

Doctoral student
My research focuses on Low-Energy awareness routing in wireless sensor networks. Among that, I am working with Ad Hoc Networks meant for vehicular environment (VANET). During my research I enhanced my experiences with GNU/Linux and simulation applications like SUMO, NS-3.