In addition to project activities, we also work in collaboration with the industry. The project output is presented in the form of software and hardware applications, which are often related to diploma or dissertation theses of the team members. An overview of the most significant results in the last several years can be found below. 


Project is funded under NATO Project SPS G5894 and the aim is integration of QKD technology into 5G networking.

Horizon 2020 OpenQKD

H2020 OpenQKD project stimulates European companies to the forefront of Quantum Technology

Horizon 2020 Tetramax

TETRAMAX has been concluded with an excellent final rating by the European Commission and contributed in the field of IoT innovations for SMEs.

Network Cybersecurity in Post-Quantum Era (NESPoQ)

The project is focused on long-term strategic research and development of systems for communication network security. The project will provide data about the efficiency and technical readiness of systems for the protection of critical communication networks, will verify the practical applicability of QKD (quantum key distribution) and PQC (post-quantum cryptography) technologies in applications specific for Czech Republic and will further extend research topics in which Czech Republic is unique and excellent (e.g., optical sensors, hardware-accelerated encryption for >100 Gbps traffic, transmission of ultra-stable quantities). Besides the above-identified topics, the project also contains activities for raising awareness and training of experts, in particular in the state sector.

Other notable projects

  • Application of Quantum Cybersecurity in 5G Networks
  • Network cybersecurity in the post-quantum age
  • Satellite navigation signal interference detection system for integrated safety features in road transport
  • Development of advanced industrial sensors and expansion of IoT services portfolio