About us

The IP Telephony Laboratory (LIPTEL) is a research unit at the Department of Telecommunications at the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. The team consists of employees and students of the doctoral studies of this department. The research group leader and founder is Miroslav Vozňák. We are engaged in research and implementation of Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies, development of tailor-made devices for IoT (LoRA and Sigfox), research of speech processing, computer network security, and development of operating systems based on the OpenWRT platform.

The laboratory team actively cooperates with a number of commercial and research organizations and is closely associated with the CESNET (Association of Universities and the Academy of Sciences). An example of partnership with the business sphere is the creation of an IoT cluster with Solidus Tech s.r.o. And B Plus TV a.s., as well as long-term cooperation with Huawei on software development and several successful projects with SkySystems Europe, Unify Software and Solutions, Huawei and T-Mobile. Each team member works on some research project. See examples of solved areas below.

One of the long-term research tasks in the laboratory is the recognition of human speech emotions using ANN (Artificial Neural Network). The goal of the research is to improve the recognition of human emotion in the voice. Another problem is the identification of attacks on the computer network, where we also use artificial intelligence to detect security incidents automatically. We are also working on the development of the platform called Beesip (Bright Embedded Solution for IP Telephony). We create use-case packages according to the needs of users. This project is no longer just about IP telephony, but it becomes an integrative element for various services on the OpenWRT platform. The last example is the successful implementation of IoT on the LoRa platform. Our staff created a prototype of shock sensor communicating with the IoT LoRa gateway and the MQTT broker according to their design.

The team consists of twelve people that also provide teaching in Voice over IP, Communications Security, Communication Systems in Business Networks, Connectivity Systems, Multimedia Communications and Content Security, and also in the Introduction to Communication Technologies. In cooperation with the association and the administrator of CZ.NIC. We also offer professional training for companies and interested parties. The content and the complexity of the course is adapted to the specific needs of the customer.

We provide a list of LIPTEL members who received their PhD degrees in telecommunications: Miroslav Vozňák, Filip Řezáč, Jan Rozhon, Jakub Šafařík, Pavol Partila, Lukáš MacuraMiralem Mehic , Jaromír TovárekJaroslav Frnda and Lukáš Ševčík.